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Daily Devotion of Psalm 9

Daily Nugget: All, especially God’s own, should praise the Lord for His goodness. This ancient Hebrew song did just that; it bragged on God. David made it clear to others: What marvelous things God had done in his life (vs. 1). How God protected the King (vss. 3-8) and how the unsaved should fear the mighty power and righteous judging of their Creator. The Lord is a safe place and protection for all (vss. 8-10, 13). God does not forget the pleas of those in desperate need for protection (vs. 12, 18). That the ungodly will reap the consequences from the sin they sow (vs. 13, 15-17, 19-20). Today’s Christians have a similar responsibility to tell others about how God works in personal lives, and how he watches over His own. If we do not tell them, who will? Because of so many Christian’s silence on praising God for what He is doing the world knows little of how God is working in lives today. Perhaps that is why so many cry there “is no God” because they have not heard a

Daily Devotion of Psalm 8

Daily Nugget: The purpose of good godly music is to glorify God, not the singer or the flesh, as so many modern Christian songs do today. This ancient Hebrew hymn does just that; it glorifies God. Psalm 8 puts many of God’s accomplishments to music in: Verse 1, 9: God has done more than any man has ever done. Verse 1: He has made beautiful Heaven higher than our skies. Verse 2: God has protected His own. Verse 3: God has made the celestial bodies. Verse 4: Yet with all God has made, he has put man, that He also created, of great importance. God has: Verse 4: Allowed His son to come to this Earth for a great purpose. Verse 5: Although man is not as important as angels, God has given him great responsibilities and respect. Verse 6-8: God has put man in charge of His earthly creation. Today’s Thought:  The difference between God and man is God gives, gives, gives, and forgives, while man gets, gets, gets, but still forgets. — Author Unknown Words to Understand: Excel

Daily Devotion of Psalm 7

Daily Nugget: In the previous Psalms, King David made it clear that no one got away with sin, and if they did commit trespasses, the righteous Judge in Heaven would deal with their iniquity. In this song, the king is confessing to God that he expected to be judged similiarly if he violated any of God’s commandments. Verses 3-5 shows David’s examination of his heart. He told God that if he had done wrong to those that meant him no harm he did not expect any special treatment from God. He assumed the Lord would not protect, and that the enemy would do its worst to him (vs. 5-6). So often many want God to be hard on another sinner, but somehow give themselves a “get out of sin card” and not face God’s fair judgment. David was saying, “What is good for the goose, is good for the gander.” Expecting God’s stern and firm judgment for our iniquities will help keep us for sinful error. Realizing that we deserve God’s hand of discipline in our lives will also help us be more compassionate

Daily Devotion in Psalm 6

Daily Nugget: King David knew himself quite well. He knew he let God down many times. The leader recognized that he deserved nothing from His Lord but rebuke and chastisement (vs. 1). Knowing what he deserved, the king pleaded for God’s compassion and kindness to overlook his weakness and errors (vs. 2) and to deliver him. The spiritual, mental, and physical battles (vs. 3, 4) David fought were devouring and tiring him (vs. 6). He was weary of all the hours and nights he thought and struggled over the obstacles he faced. Again, no matter what he faced and what troubled him, he knew that he would be victorious. He was confident that God heard his earnest pleas (vss. 6-8) and that God would deliver him from the worrisome challenges and trials. Today’s obedient Christian should also have that type of confidence. When God knows that we are relying on Him and sure of His giving us the victory, we can have the same peace the King had. Our tears and earnest pleas will not be for

Daily Devotion of Psalm 5

Daily Nugget: Again, David found himself having to deal with the onslaughts of an ungodly enemy. He knew the only way they could be defeated was with God’s help. The king had the Lord on his mind as he meditated (vs. 1) on the situation during the day. We see that he desperately cried out to the Lord (vs. 2.) and prayed to Him in the morning (vs. 3). As much as David was troubled by his adversary’s sin, he knew that God was aware of their iniquity and would not tolerate it. Their foolishness (vs. 5) and dishonesty (vs. 6) would also be dealt with. All the trouble that surrounded the leader would not alter his faithfulness to the Lord. He still worshipped the Lord and was waiting on the Lord to make His will clear to David (vs. 8). There may have been chaos surrounding him, but he had peace within. King David shared his faith and confidence with others that may be in a similar predicament. He encouraged them to “rejoice” and to be joyful as they would see their mighty Protecto

Daily Devotional in Psalm 4

Daily Nugget: As King David experienced, most of our problems are caused by or from interactions with others. David’s antagonists twisted around the accomplishments he was proud of and made them look shameful. The good he did was not relevant to them. Their main concern was about things that were not important and lying was not beneath them to get what they wanted (sounds too much like many of our politicians today). “O ye sons of men, how long will ye turn my glory into shame? how long will ye love vanity, and seek after leasing? Selah.” Psalm 4:2 As vocal and vicious as were those that opposed his ideas and victories, David had a way to battle their accusations and attacks. The king knew, no matter what distress he was facing, none was anything God could not defeat, and the way to summon God’s help was prayer. It was clear to the leader that He was set apart for God’s use. The Lord’s help and mercy would allow him to accomplish God’s will. As devious and deceptive as the en

Daily Devotion of Psalm 3

Daily Nugget: A title placed at the beginning of this Psalm shows the reader this was a song written after   His son, Absalom, and others wanted David’s throne and attempted to have the leader killed.   The mighty ruler feared for his life. King David experienced a great tragedy in his life. Many around him thought there was no hope, even from God. However, David knew better. He recalled God’s protection for him in the past, and he knew the Lord would do it again. Israel’s leader knew that the Lord was his protector and nothing could harm him unless it was God’s will. He also knew that although the trial looked hopeless, at the end God’s will would be done in the king’s life and God would get the glory. With this confidence, King David lost no sleep over the matter. His trust was fully on his Lord. After waking, and discovering that he was protected from harm that could have happened to him during the night, David was more encouraged. He knew that even if his ene

Daily Devotional in Psalm 2

Daily Nugget: Those that scoff and rebel against God and His commandments often have their own opinions and philosophy how society should be run. They believe they know better than God. All their attempts for living the way they imagine are a waste of time and are valueless. Their plans will not work out the way they think they should. The Creator of man knows what works and His way is always right. Government leaders and politicians often conspire together to force their plans on people. Much of the time their schemes and leadership are directly in rebellion against God and His commandments. Despite how overpowering and controlling their grasp can be, we must not allow them to control people. When they desire to have us in direct rebellions against our Creator’s will and way they should be opposed. In many countries, they can be voted out of their reign of godlessness. We see this often in today’s governments. Laws are made to permit man to do things God hates and commands us

Daily Devotional in Psalm 1

I am starting a NEW daily devotion in Psalms. Because of attending to my wife's health needs, I may not be able to have a new one every day, but I hope you can join me in being blessed by the comfort and advice found in the Psalms.  Everyone has heartaches and this book is a comfort to so many. In Psalms 1 of the Hebrew’s “Book of Praises,” we read of paths that two types of people travel. The two types of people this chapter speaks of are the “blessed,” or happy, and the ungodly. A person is happy if they do not follow the advice of those that are purposely not obeying God’s commandments. He also is blessed if he does his best not to stand in the company of those that are in sin, and happy if he is not sitting and relaxed around them. Christians are in a world that usually does not obey God or lives as He commands. However, we are to be a shining testimony to those ungodly folks to show them how the Creator wants us to live. When we are living, thinking, and participating a

Daily Devotion of Revelation 22

Daily Nugget: This last chapter of the Bible continues from the previous chapter, chapter 21. More details are revealed about the New Jerusalem. The new details reveal that: There is a river or life there (vss. 1-2). There is the tree of life there (vs. 2). The curse of sin is completely gone. We will see the face of God (vs. 4). We will have His name on our foreheads (vs. 4). There will be no need for artificial light (vs. 5). As the Bible and our brief glimpse of the end days concludes, one can reflect how important all the words are in the Word of God. Although this study is certainly not detailed, which cannot possibly be accomplished with the 200-800 word explanation of each chapter, the reader can see how interlaced and prophetic all the Scriptures are. Hundreds of prophetic passages, even from early Old Testament days, give us a more detailed picture of what Revelation says will happen in the last days. If one word of God’s Word is altered, meanings will be affected.

Daily Devotion of Revelation 21

Daily Nugget: The Word of God started with a book of new beginnings — Genesis. It ends with an end to the old, sin-stained earth and a new beginning for a new world, in this chapter. The first earth will be “passed away” (vs. 1). Details in II Peter 3:10 tells us that the old earth and its contents will perish by fervent heat (Also: Mat. 24:35, Is. 65:17, Dan. 2:44). The earth will still exist (vs. 24), as the redeemed and restored Israel will dwell on it. They will have a new beginning on the new earth, without the plague that ruined the first earth — sin! A new home for the saved will descend from Heaven (vs. 2). It will be the New Jerusalem and will be the habitation of those who trusted Christ as Saviour (vs. 7). Jesus promised He would go and get our eternal Home ready (Mat. 14:2-3), and He will keep His word. Our new home will most likely be shaped like a cube. Each side and its height will be 12,000 furlongs (vs. 16). With a furlong being about 555 feet, the holy city wil

Daily Devotion of Revelation 20

Daily Nugget: Much happens in the 15 verses of this chapter. Some of the most awaited events are described. These include: Satan’s being bound for 1,000 years (vs. 2). The 1,000-year reign of Christ on this earth. The short release of Satan (vss. 3, 7-8). The destruction of many that Satan will deceive during his final rampage (vs. 9). And the third inhabitant of the Lake of fire will be thrown into his permanent abode – Satan himself (vs. 10)! The most frightening event in the whole Bible, for too many, is also foretold in this chapter. It will be the Great White Throne Judgment (vs. 11). The saved believers and Israel will have been previously judged so this will not be for them. This judgment is for the lost and unrighteous only! All the unrighteous from the beginning of man until those that died prior to the rapture will be there, standing and awaiting their time of judgment before the perfect, most righteous judge ever — God Himself. Both the unrighteous from the Old

Daily Devotion of Revelation 19

Daily Nugget: After the judging of the spiritual and financial Babylon, two more very important events will occur. These events have been talked about and have anxiously been awaited for since Christ went back to Heaven. The first event will be the Marriage of the Lamb (vs. 7). The husband will be Jesus Himself, and the “wife” will be the saved from the time after Jesus to those that were raptured up (I Thes. 4:16-18) before the seven-year tribulation started (Rev. 4:1). The saved, the real church, will be arrayed in the righteousness they have done for Christ (vs. 8, Phil. 3:9). The wedding will be followed by the Marriage Supper of the Lamb (vs. 9). The wedding will not include Old Testament saints as they are referred to as to the friends of the bridegroom. Another, and certainly not a joyous event, will be the largest battle that has ever occurred on Earth. It will be the Battle of Armageddon (Rev. 16:16). The returning Jesus will be leading the armies of Heaven, and riding

Daily Devotion of Revelation 18

Daily Nugget: In this chapter, an angel makes a shocking announcement. He announces that, “… Babylon the great is fallen …” (vs. 2). In one hour, the great city has been decimated. All that she sold, and made were lost. Twenty-seven products (vs. 12-13) she was noted for selling to the world will all be destroyed. Total losses most likely will bankrupt many business people. The financial world will be devastated, and many will mourn their financial loss (vss. 18-19). Many commentators have tried to answer the question, “Where is this financial Babylon?” The reasoning is that the spiritual Babylon was destroyed by those that hated her (Rev. 17:16), so that the “Babylon” that is destroyed in one hour must be another city. It is the opinion of many writers and preachers that it most likely is the restored original Babylon that is currently found in Hillah, Iraq. Although throughout history many have tried to restore the once enormous city that was at least 15 miles on each of its fou

Daily Devotion of Revelation 17

Daily Nugget: John was shown another judgment; the judgment of the great “whore” (vs. 1). A prostitute sells her body for money. This “whore” does not sell her body but sells what she should stand for, for wealth, power, and popularity. Although many formulate ideas of who “she” might be among past and present organizations that fit this chapter’s description, the truth is, no one will ever really know who “she” is until her identity is very clear in the last half of the seven-year tribulation. We do not necessarily need to make many assumptions, as the Bible does reveal some facts describing “her”. She is identified in this chapter as: One who sits, or controls, many “waters” (vs. 1). The “waters” are identified as being multitudes, peoples, and nations of different languages (vs. 15). She will have authority over a large number of people. “Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of harlots and abominations of the earth” (vs. 5). Babylon is closely associated with a religious

Daily Devotion of Revelation 16

Daily Nugget: John’s report returns to the seven angels in Heaven. He tells how the angels, one by one, will step to their position and pour vials of the wrath of God on the earth. The first will pour his vial, and grievous sores will develop on men that have taken the beast’s mark of 666 and those that worshipped his idol (vs. 2). This plague is similar to the sixth plague Moses was used to inflict the Egyptians (Ex. 9:8-12). When the second angel will pour out his vial upon the sea, it will become blood and all that remain in the sea will die. It is similar to the plague of the second trumpet in Rev. 8:8-9. The third angel’s vial will be poured out on rivers and water supplies, and they will become blood (vs. 4). This is a repeat of the first plague Moses was used to impose on the Egyptians (Ex. 7:19-24). A fourth angel will pour his vial upon the sun. Men will be scorched from the sun’s great heat (vs. 8), as was prophesied in Malachi 4:1-2. Instead of repenting and turning t

Daily Devotion of Revelation 15

Daily Nugget: Before seven more angels release the last seven plagues on the earth (vss. 1, 6-7), another heavenly event will occur. The once quiet, still “sea of glass” that is before God’s throne (4:6) will become mingled with shimmering fire and many more martyred tribulation saints. This crowd before God’s throne will be the victors (vs. 2) from the beast’s earthly control, blasphemic idol, and his mark of 666. Since there will be no way from getting out of the beast’s religious control alive and not receiving his brand, they got the “victory” by being killed. In man’s eye’s, their refusal of the beast’s commandments will be a death sentence and certainly not a “victory”, but in God’s eyes, it will be the right decision. Receiving the mark and worshipping the beast’s image will be a sentence of eternal torment (14:11); refusing the mark for God’s sake will indeed be a “victory”. Many today, when they make any stand for the cause of Christ or face any kind of humiliation for n